USF Marine Metal Isotope and Trace Element Laboratory

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Principal Investigator

Dr Tim M. Conway

Associate Professor, USF College of Marine Science

Chemical Oceanography & Isotope Geochemistry

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Current PhD Students

Zach Bunnell

Hydrothermal Fe Sources, Polar Trace Metals, and Aerosols


Dylan Halbeisen

Nickel isotope cycling and US GEOTRACES GP17 polar trace metals

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Hannah Hunt

Sediments as dissolved Fe sources (S. Atlantic, N. Pacific, West Florida Shelf)


Current Undergraduate Students

Emma Chestang

Summer Laboratory Technician

Former Members

Claire Onak

MS Student (2020-2024)

Dr Hung-an Tian

PhD Student (2017-2023)

Co-Supervised with Dr. Rob Middag at NIOZ

Dr Matthias Sieber

Postdoctoral Researcher (2019-2022)

Dr Eniko R. Toth

Postdoctoral Researcher (2020-2022)

Ryan Schlaiss

Summer Intern and Laboratory Technician (2017-2019)

Tione Grant

NSF-funded REU Undergraduate Student (Summer 2019)

Brent Summers

MS Student and Laboratory Technician (2017-2020)