USF Marine Metal Isotope and Trace Element Laboratory

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An Inclusive Group

The MarMITE lab is an inclusive group that highly values diversity and equity in science. As with the wider USF College of Marine Science (CMS), we are strongly committed to recruiting and supporting a diverse CMS student, staff, and faculty body. Our research group welcomes anyone with a passion and interest in trace metals and their important role in earth's biogeochemistry.

Please contact PI Tim Conway for opportunities to join our group. For interested postdocs or graduate students, I am also very happy to discuss science or a graduate application by email or virtual means (Teams, Zoom, Phone). We are also very interested in outreach opportunities at all levels. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

At CMS, graduate students are supported by a range of Federal and State Funding, GA and TA opportunities, competitive in-house USF Endowed Fellowships, and where applicable NSF-funded Bridge to Doctorate Program and the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Programs. For students in the MarMITE group, student support typically covers a full yearly Stipend, Tuition, and Fees.