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MarMITE is a research group at the USF College of Marine Science, led by Assistant Professor Tim Conway. With the establishment of a new ISO-6 Clean Laboratory and Tamp Bay Plasma ICPMS Facility (Thermo Element XR and Neptune Plus) at CMS in 2017, we are well equipped to study the isotope geochemistry and biogeochemical cycling of trace-metals and other isotope systems in the ocean, the earth system and other chemical situations, especially the fundamental role of bioactive trace elements in modern and past carbon cycling, and the application of new tracers to understanding the geological past.

Researchers working with Dr. Conway principally employ isotopic techniques including measurement of trace metal (Fe, Zn, Ni, Cd, Cu) isotope ratios by multi-collector ICPMS in a range of materials including aerosol dust, rain, seawater, ice-cores, marine particles and biological materials. We work closely with local, national and international collaborators as part of the International GEOTRACES program, working on seawater and other geochemical samples collected from all over the world. Our current seawater focus is on the North Pacific Ocean.

We are always very eager for collaboration in a range of marine and geologic fields, and are always looking for keen and motivated graduate students and postdocs. Please contact us for current opportunities.

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